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Resume Writing Services

Your resume and cover letter should not just about what you have done, but about who you are and how you can make a difference for companies. Our team of professional resume writers possess the in-depth experience needed to “supercharge” your job search with a branded/ targeted strategy that focuses on:

  • Incorporating powerful keywords in your resume relevant to your industry, while ensuring recruiter / employer databases and applicant tracking systems can easily find you.

  • Reviewing and aligning your work history, achievements, and skills to highlight your strengths that support your target, while deemphasizing aspects that may hurt your candidacy.

  • Leveraging your unique skills to provide a high-quality, effective, and convincing resume that is format appropriate, readable, achievements quantifiable, concise, and visual.

  • Designing you a branded and keyword-driven Linked-In Profile with compelling headlines and content to get beyond the resume to show the “real you” to potential employers and recruiters.


1. Review and write resume, cover letter, provide interview prep tips and mock interview service, and build Linkedin-Profile- $199.99

2. Review and write resume, cover letter and build Linkedin Profile- $129.99

3. Review, write resume and build Linkedin-Profile- $109.99

4. Review, write resume and cover letter - $99.99

5. Review and write resume - $79.00

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