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Project Payment Terms

Thanks for joining AdilasTech project based training. We know your interest to achieve great goals. We are positive you will gain a lot in this project to help you jump-start and achieve your goals. We hope you already know we are determined to make sure you succeed. We know this could be one of critical step in your life. That’s why we take this seriously and expect you to do the same. This is definitely a partnership between you and AdilasTech . We will do our best to delivering all needed skills and you getting ready for hard work.

Remember: We are successful if and only if you are! This is how we operate! That’s why your success is our goal! 

This project requires you to give special attention in completing tasks in time and ultimately work hard to secure high paying Job. 

We (people) usually give attention when we pay. When we pay more we give more attention. We also need your attention 😊.

We are flexible and you can do 1 time to 4 times of payment. 

How will you prefer to pay? 

Just Remember, when you do one time payment, you will get $100 off. You will get $150 discount for taking training with us and an other $100 discount for training assignments. 

We can send you online invoice so that you can pay easily. We can also process your payment over the phone. 

Fill the form below to specify your payment term and we will send you invoice accordingly. 

Thanks for submitting!

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