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In order to truly manage database-related risks, you’ve got to understand what you’re up against. The media has portrayed the threat to be a young punk trying to crack into your network in the middle of the night. But that’s not necessarily true, especially when it comes to database hacking. Instead, there are targeted attacks – often government supported – that are carried out via social engineering, namely email phishing. A few well-placed emails combined with some gullible users is all it takes for an outside entity to penetrate your network and ultimately access critical databases that were assumed to be locked down from external attack. This attack alone can negate all other security efforts and investments.
There's an irrefutable law of information security: you cannot secure what you don't acknowledge. Yet, that's the mode of operation for many businesses when it comes to keeping their database environment in check. The assumption is that the four walls of the building will keep critical databases safe from harm. This is a dangerous mindset. If your database are out of sight and out of mind, the same will likely hold true for the threats your business faces. As a matter of fact, that's when it's easiest to get bitten and most definitely when it will hurt the greatest. 
In AdilasTech, We understand that IT doesn't run on the network - it runs on the data and database that power your business. That is why we start cyber security approach with the database as the nucleus of your IT universe.
Our database management and security solutions allow business to have peace of mind and confidence understanding the core and critical part of the business, database, is secured whether in the cloud or on-premises.   
Do you have a need to manage or secure your database? If so, you came to the correct place. We got your back!
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