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About Us

Your Success is our Goal!


AdilasTech is a global specialist in Supply Chain platform integrating shipping and transport solutions with Host ERP and WMS. AdilasTech’s consultants use their deep experience and skills to make sure clients get the best possible results, whether an engagement begins before, during, or after a software implementation or upgrade. We help clients get the most from their supply chain technology investment by providing workable and stable solutions to supply chain software challenges.

Our focus is on the identification and completion of the key success objectives of our client stakeholders. We understand and excel at developing innovative, cost-effective, customer-focused WMS, TMS and Shipping/Connectship solutions to the many challenges experienced by our clients.


The tools and the talent.

AdilasTech experienced consultants have, on average, ten years of experience with WMS, TMS, shipping / Connectship, and other supply chain execution platforms. The majority of them began with companies who implemented the Blue Yonder supply chain platform to create their own supply chains as well as Connectship for shipping. This indicates that they are real supply chain practitioners.


AdilasTech LLC is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. While we have quite a few based in Virginia at our headquarters, we’ve made it so we can hire the best and brightest no matter where they live. Our employees are in the United States, India, and Ethiopia.

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AdilasTech LLC is headquartered in Alexandria, VA with several resources located in Maryland, Washington D.C, and California.

Over 500 Supply Chain Projects completed

Over the years, we've worked on a number of projects—more than 500 to date. Therefore, it is acceptable to claim that the job we perform for clients is supported by experience. Each client receives a pledge from us that we will stand behind the work we provide, from implementations and updates to additions and consulting. Cheers to the following 500+!


Our Partners



We make a sincere effort to be the world's greatest supply chain technology consultants. each day. The experience that effort and approach have on our clients is what matters most to us.

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