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Business Intelligence

Achieve Growth and Agility With Real-Time Analytics.

AdilasTech uses Microsoft's Azure Services and Power BI to help companies create “The Dashboard Effect”, which puts performance metrics at top-of-mind, driving strategy and productivity.


Power BI connects to any data source (ERP, Google Analytics, Salesforce, QuickBooks, SQL, GP, Excel, etc.) and delivers real-time dashboards via computer, phone, or tablet.  The service costs a fraction of the competition but gets top billing from both Gartner and Forrester. 

Here is what you can expect

We provide organizations with tailored solutions, designed uniquely to meet specific business needs and objectives. Collaboratively, our in-house creative team, along with our data experts, will design and develop intuitive and visually pleasing dashboards that present prioritized data tailored to each specific use case. With our tailor-made solutions, AdilasTech will enable effective and efficient decision-making based on accurate data, intuitive layouts, and modern design elements.

Data on a Touch Pad
Data Analytics and Dashboards

AdilasTech use Power BI, the most powerful, least expensive BI tool on the market for deploying automated dashboards, scorecards, and reports to your organization. Power BI integrates with the most advanced analytical and collaboration tools.

Our Strategy
  • Reporting needs of Business Users varies depending on their role.

  • AdilasTech delivers these reports with KPI’s using Power BI which are also accessible on Mobile devices.

  • Integration of these tools and also standalone development is done using D3 controls.

  • Also asking a question of a data point which is not a pre-built report but needed in a review meeting might be very useful

  • Master Data Planning 

  • Master Data Management 

  • Data Warehousing 

  • Database Architecture and Modeling 

  • Dashboards Development, Training, and Support for Finance, Project Management, Operations, Sales, and Marketing 

  • App Development for Data Collection Technology Expertise

  • Power BI, PowerPivot, PowerQuery, DAX, M 

  • Azure SQL, HDInsight, Data Factory, and Machine Learning 

  • SQL Server, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS 

  • Dashboard Integration with SharePoint 

  • Use ETL on legacy data to create dashboard and report using Power BI.

  • Convert reports to Power BI.

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