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Central Management Server

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Have you ever challenged managing multiple SQL Server instances? Let’s assume you have 800+ SQL servers in your environment. Unfortunately, one of your DBA or any SQL user having access to all 800+ Servers have left the company. Imagine signing into all 800+ servers and disabling the user ☹ Most Database experts don’t know the full functionality of SQL server or, even if they know, they don’t apply it. Central Management Server is a solution for this kind of scenarios and many more. Central Management Server (CMS) can help you to apply updates, maintenance packs, Patches and fixes for all environments from a single query window. How cool!!!!!! 😊 SQL Server Central management server is an instance of SQL Server designated as a Central Management Server maintains server groups that contain the connection information for one or more instances. You can execute Transact-SQL statements and Policy-Based Management policies at the same time against server groups. You can also view the log files on instances managed through a Central Management Server. Versions earlier than SQL Server 2008 cannot be designated as a Central Management Server. Jay Sugebo @Adilastech

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