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Power BI Project Based Training

About the Training

Business Intelligence Training – Focused on Microsoft's Power BI Tools for reports and dashboards, SSRS SQL Reporting & Business Intelligence.

Power BI is a cloud-based business analysis and intelligence service by Microsoft. It is a collection of business intelligence and data visualization tools such as software services, apps and data connectors. We can use the data-sets imported in Power BI for data visualization and analysis by making shareable reports, dashboards, and apps. Power BI is a user-friendly tool offering impressive drag-and-drop features and self-service capabilities.

After the training you will master Power BI / SSRS reporting and dashboards. You can be part of these - hot Job opportunities;

  • Power BI Developer,

  • Business Intelligence Developer,

  • SSRS Developer.

You  will learn and get skill on

  • System infrastructures – On Azure platform - Operating system and Networking

  • SQL Server Architecture - Install and configure SQL Server.

  • Configure SQL Server Data Tools(SSDT) and SQL Server Management studio(SSMS).

  • Power BI – Install and configure Microsoft power BI desktop latest version.

  • Power B I – Connect to data sources, importing data and transforming data for Business Intelligence.

  • Power BI – Develop visual reports, dashboards and KPI score cards using Power BI desktop.

  • Power BI – designing and implementing dashboards.

  • Power BI – hand on practicing basic database skills.

  • Having experience with any relational database and SQL definitely ranks high on the list of recommended skills.

  • Power BI – Work on Data Preparation–Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

  • Power BI – Analytical thinking for translating data into informative visuals and reports.

  • Implement row level security on data and have an understanding of application security layer models in Power BI.

  • Use advance level calculations on the data set and add advanced analytics to your models

  • Design methodology and project documentation.

  • Adept in development, publishing and scheduling Power BI reports as per the business requirements.

  • Power BI – InstallandconfigureSQLServerReportingserviceandEnablePowerBIIntegration

  • Pin SQL Server Reporting Services paginated report items to dashboards in Power BI

  • Deploy and manage reports using SQL Server Report manager.

  • Design AdilasTech dashboards and Reports using AdilasTech requirements and power BI best practices

  • Prepare and Pass Microsoft Power BI certification exam

Why Choose Us?



Benefits of the Training

Better career option

increased salary

Growth opportunity

Boosting your skills

  • How is the class coducted? Is it online? or in person?
    Class will be conducted online via Gotomeeting where you can join a live class and participate.
  • How many days a week is the training and how long is the training?
    Training will be given three days a week for 8 weeks.
  • Do I have to pay in advance? or pay in Full?
    We can work out a payment plan with individuals.
  • What is the next step after completing this Training?
    Up on successfully completing our training and project ,you will be on your way to pursuing a career as a DBA
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